Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Trusting Him

Whew, talk about my Daddy asking me for a lot - this month I followed my man's lead and sent my two oldest boys off to 4H camp for a week. Now to clarify, we don't even do overnights for general purposes, so to send them 2 hours away, to the hands of people I don't know, is a BIG deal for me. I love 4H, though, and know our local staff well, and I've always been impressed with the "old-fashioned" sensibility of most 4Hers I've met. It seems there is a government agency that hasn't been tainted with liberal boloney yet, and a great place for my kids to be outside their comfort zone a bit and still be "safe." Needless to say, they had an absolute blast, they had two believers, brothers, for junior counselors, and they even had opportunities to have some truth-of-life wrestling matches way late at night. Plus, they learned some killer camp songs! Let me tell you, though, when we got ready to pick them up, you should have seen the youngers... they were jumping out of their skin with excitement, and my Anna-girl made several frantic trips to their room to get pillows and Bible and comfort objects she just knew they'd missed. And she was right. And oh, you should have seen the reunion hugs between the ones who'd stayed home and the ones who came home with a hint of "I've been out in the world a bit" in their step.

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Miranda said...

I went to 4-H camp 2 weeks ago and loved it! I really want to go back! I miss camp like SO Much!!!!!