Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fresh Water

We like to grow things at our house... well, TRY, anyway. Things of the plant variety, mind you; I have enough poop and doctors' visits to warrant postponing pets for a LOOOOONG time. (For a view into my sweet mommy plot, you should know that I have offered my children that as soon as they complete a full year of SPOTLESS ROOMS, without ever once having been reminded to pick up that first item, or as soon as we move to a house in the mountains with lots of land, we will buy a dog of their choosing!)
Back to the topic at hand. Our plants. Basil, rosemary, and pineapples, to be specific, are what we "grow." I'd like to get adventurous but we've killed a few tomato and other herb plants and we live in a three-story townhouse, so for today, that's the extent of our home garden.
Sometimes we get a little busy and neglect our little plants. Like today, as we did our Bible reading, I noticed in a panic that my basil was WRINKLED and very sad looking! Quick, in a flash, my sweet E filled the pitcher and watered our little babies. Maybe there's hope. Well, around lunch time, Anna said, "Mom, LOOK at the basil!" Would you believe, that little guy has perked right up and there's not too much sign of his period of draught!
As I look at this little guy, my Abba gives me a gentle heart-nudge. I've been neglecting Him lately; specifically, I've been avoiding reading the Word and have been really thirsty. I see it in that I've become all wrinkled and don't have much flavor or aroma to give my family and friends. I guilt trip myself and easily fall into a slump and feel hopeless for the loss of all that nourishment. But Papa gently reminded me today, "Little One, I will give you sweet refreshment just as quickly." Of course, I need a steady diet of good clean water and food (for my soul), but He's MAGIC (I mean, He IS, the definition of it, not our man-made imaginations), and He will revive me in less time than I imagine. If I just come to Him and drink.

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