Friday, March 28, 2008

Okay, so I've been inspired by all the amazing wisdom and wittiness and creativity and not-so-much-all-that floating around in blogworld and decided to bite the proverbial bullet and START BLOGGING. Well, I stayed up till 2:30 am (thank you, Lord, for once, that baby still wakes up then every night to nurse!!!) setting up my new blogs (yay me!) and then tried to fall asleep tossing and turning and alternately snuggling with my sweet patient husband... Woke (well, didn't really wake, just rolled over) and wrote this on my cell to keep from losing it:

Pondering the wandering as we journey along the Way... The path is worn and still the Guide delights to hold my hand to reveal each step as it comes. The Walk becomes a crawl- the terrain is rough- and still we traverse the path- now the ascent and my knees are sore but the View is spectacular, He assures. I ache but the Sun breaks through and He stands alongside- we gaze in awe, He as if for the first time- sees it through my eyes.

It's rough - but it's how I wanna think, more often! Whaddaya think? Later!! Go dance with Him - angela