Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Date Night with One of My Men

Tonight my firstborn and I got some sweet one-on-one time. His growing interest in photography made me invite him to attend a class with me tonight, and afterwards meet up with client/friends on the way home. He is absorbing as fast, or really, faster, than me!
Afterwards he surprised me by treating us to dessert at our favorite fast-food spot (think ICEDREAM). I got teary-eyed (who me?) when he addressed the teenage girl at the register as ma'am - she was blown away, too.
Best of all, though, was our late-night neighborhood walk when we got home. We'd started a chat about girls, and life, and anticipating or dreading the future, and about God's hand in it all, and we didn't want to end it so soon. Man, is it cool to see Him working in the heart and mind of this young-man-in-training. This son of ours is as wise as he is unpredictable; as deep and mature as he is ornery and youthful. It's a privelege to be your mother-bear, Bri.

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