Tuesday, June 23, 2009

girl night.

an off-the-cuff sleepover during VBS week resulted in my being gone on a session while superdad held down the fort with our five... plus two extra adorable little girls! anna's long-time heart-friend c. and her sweet new friend t. had a blast with our girl giving each other super-fab hairstyles. when i arrived home they were all decked out... and playing our fave game RACKO (seriously, get it!) with dad. they gave him a PINK FLORAL pedicure! THAT'S my man.

intense concentration required.
manly-man-confident-in-his-i-am-the-best-dad-ever-manliness necessary.
evil grin optional.

horrified "i'm-afraid-for-my-dad's-dignity" expression on brother's face: priceless.