Friday, July 18, 2008

Sewing Class

What fun this class has been. For a few Fridays this summer, various families joined us to learn the basics of sewing. You guys are so cool! As you can see, it was "all hands on deck," as mommas who were there coached, substitute taught while I nursed, fed Littlest while I taught, threaded machines, untangled machines, ripped crooked seams and helped guide straight ones, and giggled right along with us as we did everything from thread the machine, to learn the use of a serger (thank you my sweet neighbor Patty!) to make custom pillowcases, to taking our measurements and choosing a pattern size, to fabric composition, (WHO CAN TELL ME THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WARP AND WEFT?) to giggling at little brothers who wear Anna's headbands, to finishing our last class with a crazy laundry sorting relay!

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