Saturday, November 13, 2010

halloween (which is REALLY reformation day...)

i've shared before what prompted our family to dive into the halloween tradition.  it isn't that we love it so much (and i'm astounded every year by the way grownups with no kids around get so into it!), but that were convicted a few years ago that we would leave our home on the one night when all our neighbors were guaranteed to visit.  we don't generally get to share the gospel, but we build relationship, and it makes my heart glad.  and it's a time when we totally let go and say "have at it!" for as much candy as they feel like... uggh!  :)

some might say they're too old, but we wanted to let them be kids as long as they can.  the four oldest sewed their own costumes from patterns they found online for a dumb cartoon they all like.  :)

we did meet one family while trick-or-treating who said, "we call it reformation day..." which led to a sweet moment of fellowship.  in discussing it with our oldest, he said, "mom, did you notice we never say 'happy halloween,' but rather, 'merry Christmas' or something like that?"

How about you - what do you do at this time of year?  Hide out, reach out, or just hang out and let it all ride on by?

silly and fun...

love the crazy-laughing-in-the-wind that only happens at the beach... a was helping with a session and very nearly got blown across the gulf, i think!  :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

art and passion {fine art children's photography}

for a while, i've had a desire to take some of my portrait work and infuse scripture into it... i also had a desire to try to sell some art pieces in the local Christian bookstore.

dear martha invited me to bring in some pieces, and when i brought her some florals (which i thought were unique and original) she gently said, "this isn't your passion.  why don't you incorporate your babies and your children's work?"  out of an inspiring conversation came a vision for what i'm calling the warrior series.  i pray that these pieces will be an inspiration to those who see them, and to us, when i hang these pieces on the wall as a reminder of how small we are, and how big our God is, and how large we become in the universe against darkness when we are in His will....

now, lest you think my photographers'-children-models are perfect and well behaved all the time, i present an outtake.  this ain't nothin' compared to the faces he made while the waves lapped at my clothes and the lighting malfunctioned and i acted oh-so-human and very nearly forgot the passion and vision with which we'd tromped to the beach to create these images.  :)
oh yes, and love the swim trunks hanging out.  he's wearing big brothers trousers because in our mad rush we forgot anything besides the orange floral swim trunks, and can you tell how happy he is about that wardrobe impediment to his preschool freedom of creativity?

..."i have hidden your Word in my heart, that i might not sin against you..."

my heart longs to hold onto your truth, Papa, and yet i focus on the little things of this world that distract.  i want your word before me...

it's an awards contest! {homeschool blog awards 2010}

oh my goodness!  i'm jumping-up-and-down excited... someone reads me!  despite my photography blog getting waaaay too much attention over the fam one (this one, duh!), my online heart-sister (whom i'll meet in heaven someday if not here) emailed me today to say she'd voted for me at the homeschool blog awards.  i didn't register that i'd been nominated - but whoever did it, THANK YOU!  (i am quite sure i missed an email somewhere...) 

and on that note, if you are a voting-kind-of-person, i'd love if you take a minute in your busy day and vote... since i'm nominated, and all.  just click here to visit the site!  scroll down and click " best variety blog" and then select dancing with my father (well, if i'm your fave in that category.  :)  )

Homeschool Blog Awards Nominee Button

go, now!  check out all the fabulous blogs that've been nominated... it's a feast of inspiration that will be sure to fill up your bookmarks list... enjoy!

(and vote for me... weeee!)

Sunday, October 31, 2010


i love you, little-boy-who's-not-so-little.  mommy has long roads to walk to learn more patience and a gentle spirit... and you are a precious gift Jesus will use to help me get there.  your smile takes my breath away.  your forgiving spirit and your quiet "go-with-the-flow-ness" are a priceless blessing for our home and our family.

you are growing, and soon you will be taller than me and i pray i can keep up, because you have places to go, and things to do, and people to see.  and they will love you, because you are wonderful.

love, mommy.  :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

just one...

a while back we did maternity portraits for a good photographer-friend.  as the last moment, when the sky was so beautiful it took our breath away, karen snapped a sillhouette of me and my favorite two assistants.  i love you, guys!

Monday, October 11, 2010

precious days... {homeschool projects}

i once said i'd never co-op again, after experience led me through some very hard times, and after a season where i realized i was spending more time managing parents and their issues than tending to my own children's experience and education.  for the last year-ish, we've found a solution that works very well for our family. 

our dear friends have the same number of kiddos and a very similar age lineup, and very comparable curriculum and style/ heart for our children's education and spiritual growth.  it's been a natural fit to spend a day a week together doing special projects that line up with what we're doing in our  own homes, and using our combined resources to give them a richer teaching.

i think it works for us because we respect each other's individuality, while learning from each other.  i only hope my friend and her students gain as much as i know our family does!

this year:

preschool time.  we alternate weeks to teach.  we're loosely building from early education at home, a book first given to me by a homeschool mama about 10 years ago when my oldest was a little guy!

history.  we both use tapestry of grace and are on the same schedule, so we take turns leading a project or two and /or teaching time on our current subject/time period of history.

science for our "middles."  beautiful feet history of science was our choice (i'm doing apologia's anatomy with mine as well). 

the "big two" are working mostly independently in their second year of the one year adventure novel.

the "second born" for each of us is working together to do a stop-motion film project.  if they can stay focused and on-task.  otherwise they'll be assigned a more supervised project.  ;)

we alternate weekly between my hubby teaching woodworking when we host, and the other momma teaching art.  there are some cool projects lined up for these subjects!

these moments are precious to me because i know it's a choice and a sacrifice for us each to give up a day of our own school, but it's a dear gift that helps me get done projects i always wanted to, and it provides encouragement and accountability for my children and myself!  (plus it's super-cool to see my hubby teaching something he enjoys as well!)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Good morning, Papa...

8 Do not hold against us the sins of the fathers; 
       may your mercy come quickly to meet us, 
       for we are in desperate need.

 9 Help us, O God our Savior, 
       for the glory of your name; 
       deliver us and forgive our sins 
       for your name's sake.

So often I fear I will not be able to break loose from the sinful patterns of my past (especially in the area of parenting!!) and I place the same fears for my husband on the table. I am reminded again that I NEED to be honest with Jesus and tell Him so- and believe He not only has the power, but desires to break those strongholds.  It is for the glory of His name, and I can cling to that even when my own fear and doubt would make me believe all is hopeless!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Strong Women, Surrendered Hearts {Online Women's Ministry!}

Last year I had the opportunity to get to know Mary, a fellow Jesus-sister and homeschool mom.  Mary is passionate about helping women find their God-given strengths and living in them to God's glory.  It was a really cool honor to photograph a group of women she was close to in preparation for "a little project" she felt God calling her to.  Today, I share a few of these images with you again and invite you to visit "Strong Women, Surrendered Hearts", an online ministry that I think will have an amazing impact in the lives of women!  In addition, I should tell you that Mary is offering a contest to win a free year's membership, so don't snooze - check it out right away!

It is such a dear privelege to see the fulfillment of months and even years of God's preparation of one woman's heart... a vision come to life that has become a passion of many others'. 

...what a privelege to spend an afternoon with such beautiful women who encourage and challenge one another, and who have a desire to do this for other women on an even larger scale... through strengths finding and Bible Study and accountability and more!

...what a privelege to meet women who have loved God deeply, who have conquered difficulties in His strength, and who desire to share His encouragement with others.

Now what are you waiting for?  :)  Go see here:


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

fried peach pies {to make up for any healthy eating}

when we had our "state of the union" meeting a few weeks ago, we talked about how we always said we wanted to be "that house" where the kids hang out.  we don't believe for one second that it's normal and necessary for kids to hate their families and need to find completely independent social lives away from home (exclusively), and we realized, that time has come - if we want our kids to love home and bring their friends, we need to get more proactive about building friendships that support our family's value system... and are FUN!

thus, family nights.  we're going to try to make taco night more of a social event, inviting a family at a time (or two... call us if you're lonely!) for some quality time together.  this evening, we invited ourselves to our friends the w's.  we started with a variation of taco night - layered bean dip, homemade salsa, jordyn's roasted chickpeas (our version with cumin, coriander, garlic, chili powder, and sea salt), and sangria, of course.

julie's always good for some fabulous home-made fare, and i'd been craving my grandma's fried peach pies; it just so happens julie had a boat-load of peaches waiting more use (after she'd canned and jammed and all kinds of other good stuff, i'm pretty sure.)  thank you, w. girls, for laboring over these beauties before we even arrived!  on thinking about it, why didn't we all just grab spoons?!

julie's dough made for adventuresome times with kids and rolling pins.  and crazy dads!

i'll spare you the gory details of how we prepared these babies (i did say fried peach pies, didn't i?  read that again, only say it with a south tennessee accent!  now you can almost taste their hot, sugary goodness, can't you?!  so much for the "less white flour" mission... at least for one night.)  suffice it to say, they were mouth-wateringly, sweetly amazing.  'nuff said.

thank you, w. family, for a fun night!

spinach white bean soup (and how we're planning to survive our school year)

i've gotta say, while we've been fairly sure throughout our thirteen years of parenting that we've been called to homeschool our kids at home,  there have been lots of times i've been equally sure my Papa thought we could handle more than we knew we could.  he's pretty good at knowing, though, and so i try to dive in and figure out how it is He wants me to adapt and grow through each season.

this year we start off (having promised to school through summer again and, well, NOT having done so, at least formally...) teaching an 8th grader, a 7th grader, a 5th grader who's halfway into 6th, a second grader who's got middle child syndrome, and a blue-eyed-baby-boy who's adorable and up-to-no-good... and who likes to sing and talk at the top of his lungs...  we plan to complete this school year ahead of where we "should" be, and do it while running our photography business and sharing the job of teaching.  huh.

one way i plan to survive is getting back to menu planning.  i went to a party years ago (thanks, tami's cousin-in-law!) where all the ladies brought recipes and shopping lists to compile into massive recipe/menu planner notebooks.  i've adapted the concept to fit recipes that:

-are higher in whole grains and fiber and protein
-are lower in "bad" carbs (read: white stuff :)  )
-are primarily whole foods recipes (with some raw recipes thrown in and some "junk" recipes for fun)
-are fairly easy to prepare
-are reasonably priced
-are a good mix of "unusual" and familiar

in a three-ring binder i've placed sections of five "dinner" recipes for each week, with a grocery list in a pocket at the front.  there are three copies of each list, so i shouldn't have to reproduce them for a while.  my goal is to automate the process of meals as much as possible, so we can eat well but still "do" the rest of our lives.  weekends are a free-for-all, which will leave room for crazy creativity, too, if we're up for it!  friday nights are taco nights, so we'll have an extra recipe to make ahead or share.

the idea is that any of us can pick a recipe from the week we've chosen and throw together a quick, healthy meal  (and that my awesome hubby, who is rapidly becoming a true renaissance man, but who is prone to buy-one-get-one-free items that may not be our healthiest options, can grab the shopping list for and go!).

oh, good gravy, i've misspelled my own name in the above watermark.  don't look.  i told you not to look!  :)

then, and here's the part i think will really help us, i've assigned a different menu category for each day's breakfast and lunch, and a kiddo to be in charge of it, based on age and ability.

in the back of the binder, there are simple recipes the kids can choose from for their category, asking me to add the items they need to the grocery list.  (for instance, there's a "hot cereal" section for b. to choose from for his morning.)  this should help automate things, still giving our young chefs some creative license.  (and because we've taught them to love to cook independently, i have to be prepared for things like cinnamon added to yellow rice and chicken.  which was actually pretty yummy.  :)  )

there are also some "stock" snack items that they are ok to grab during the day - these will be permanent grocery list items.

if all goes well, i hope to have some batters and breads frozen to grab from for those days when we're in a huge hurry.

this week we tried it, and it was great for the days we stuck to our schedule.  looking forward to week two!  and here are a couple images from our recipe list this week (with the spinach white bean soup, especially for lori!).  enjoy!

the beginning of e's "grain salad."  yummy, crunchy cucumber.

we have a cool pot my mom got me for Christmas one year that has a strainer for cooking pasta, topped by a steamer basket.  we steamed broccoli, carrots, onions, garlic, and smoked lite turkey sausage (yes, i know, we have an obsession with sausage in this house...) while our whole wheat pasta spirals cooked.

the end result: we tossed all the ingredients with emeril's balsamic dressing recipe.  delish.

the proud chef.  pretty sure even emeril himself couldn't have done better!

and from j's day, the promised spinach and white bean soup.  (adapted from my next door neighbor's soup with arugula.  i like spinach better.  :)  )

simple spinach and white bean soup

2-3 cloves garlic
one onion
one bag fresh spinach
(we supplemented with frozen spinach, a good thing to have in the freezer)
1/2 cup white wine
2 cans cannelini beans, rinsed and drained (love the creamy texture)

sautee the onion in 2 tablespoons olive oil.  add garlic and beans and season to taste with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper (in our house there's almost no such thing as too much cracked black pepper!)

 add 6 cups water and the wine.  leave a lid to partially cover the soup, allowing it to reduce as it cooks.

stir in the frozen spinach, if using, and simmer for 30-45 minutes.  if using fresh spinach, wait to toss in until the last 15 minutes of simmer.

taste and adjust seasonings... enjoy!  (if you like, with whole wheat beer biscuits. heavenly!)