Wednesday, July 22, 2009

inadequate to capture...

as the rising sun grazed the face of a sweet young friend this morning, it occurred to me, "i couldn't capture this with the camera."

not that i didn't want to try, but i knew in that moment i needed to speak the beauty to her and savor the effect of Papa's creation on his creation, and leave it at that.

as i study photography, i have realized that there are some moments which cannot be encapsulated as accurately as the eye can perceive them. i am sure some would disagree, and while at times i am in awe of how post-capture techniques can enhance what the lens saw and bring out the essence of the emotion of a moment seemingly more than when it was observed, sometimes even the best of equipment and technique can't completely do justice to the exact softness of the light on the curve of a cheek. sometimes the subtlety of God's hand just needs to be savored in the moment.

Paul says, "now we see through a glass darkly; then we shall see Him face to face..." as much as our Papa longs to reveal His heart to us, part of His beauty is in the mysteries of Who He is... sometimes rather than teaching or studying, dissecting or sermonizing, or trying to sum Him up, it is all we can do to hush and savor Him.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Corn Ice Cream... Our Family's Summer Dining Adventures.

So... one summer activity we have decided on is a quest to make the coolest homemade ice cream. We found a recipe for corn ice cream (email me if you want it the link!) and HAD to try it...
Delicious and sweet fresh summer corn...

We tried to use the egg separator...
Hands and shells make better tools...

Sweet girl, so focused...
Ahh, yes, the joy of whipping cream.
The end result. Very buttery and "corny..." if you can wrap your head around the idea, it's delicious!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

play date and COW APPRECIATION DAY!!

did you know? oh i hope you didn't miss it! the one fast food place we truly love... our blessed chick-fil-a... hosted a national holiday again - free food for dressing like a cow! (only in America...) we had some serious fun and mayhem, as we visited not one, but TWO stores today! thank you, Chick-Fil-A!

one of the most precious things anyone has said to me is that i see through my lens with "a kingdom perspective." oh, that it may be so!
so often i feel guilty because quite frankly, i obsess with what can be captured when the camera is used with skill and passion... i often don't take it because i don't want to miss the live moments... yet when balanced, capturing those very moments is a precious gift we have to relish the evidence of our papa-God in our lives and the lives of those around us. today it was such pleasure to catch a glimpse of some mama friends as i know He sees them... lovely. even sharing woes is an act of worship when we take note of Him in the midst of the everyday. thank you, beautiful friends.

beautiful big sister.
can you see that baby frog?
princess h with her frog following - she was so cute and protective of them!
had to wait a few for the twins... but so worth it. will you check out those serious eyes?

telling stories of His grace...

...He has made ALL THINGS beautiful in His time...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Independence Day and Family Getaway!!

Thank you Nana and Papa for a fabulous quick getaway! From our cool resort stay, to taco night, to late night cards with Auntie Kim and Uncle J, to Busch Gardens, takin' em by storm, to a pukey E, to fireworks, to the last goodbye, it was a blast!! Isaac rode his first "ride" - the train, and they had to stop it because he was crying so hard! He was much happier when his sis and cousin rode with him. And who knew the hula-hooping mysterious powers of A, S, and B - oh my.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

total vintage coolness.

oh. my. been lookin' for a vintage couch for some time. sent my hubby on a couple wild goose chases. took up our first free saturday in a loooong time when i called him to help me transport this discovery. all in one place. for the bargain price of $135. are you happy for me? can you see the possibilities?

note: i did immediately remove the chair upholstery in the driveway with fear of discovering live animals. still.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

date night and shooting practice

my husband is the hottest man i know. he is also faithful, and indescribably supportive of my pursuit of artistic endeavors. when i felt led to pursue photography (amidst tv appearances and invention ideas and writing commitments...) he didn't hesitate a second to encourage me to run for it. he is learning to shoot, along with building the graphic design, album and web design, and "business side" of loving legacy photography. there's nothing more romantic than photographing a wedding together, and it's something he'd like to do more often either in the absence of, or in addition to, our dear friend brooke's addition to our photography biz! anywhoo, a little coolness is that we are planning a series of "minidates" to go shoot together. we had fun doing "ring shots" with our well-worn 14-year rings, shots of our toes (me. need. pedicure.), and each other.