Friday, September 4, 2009

storybook cottage... before

this is our little portrait cottage. in small bites. because at this point you can't see all of the vision coming forth, haha!
this little gem is such a blessing - a "happenstance" appearance on the horizon of what we've been dreaming for the photography business. (as if there is happenstance.) our landlords are a sweet Christian couple who have a counseling practice in the pretty two-story victorian next door. the wife tells us she's so glad we've "moved in." really? Lord, can you spoil us more??

really? "my office?!!!"

as we paint and scrub and prepare to lay flooring, i find myself daydreaming of and praying for the clients who'll visit us there... that they will leave having been blessed... and having a glimpse of themselves as you see them, Papa.

oh my God...

when i look at all you have made, i am astounded.
when i see how you reveal your light, and your depth, and your height,
and your grandeur, through us, your people, i lose my breath.
how is it that you can reveal through brokenness, beauty?

how, through the heart of one who is harsh and disobedient,
can beauty still be reflected?
oh, Papa, call me to tenderness, to softness of heart,
to sweetness of speech, to gentleness and peacefulness...
break my hardness and bring forth something worthy to be
called yours.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

shooting with my princess-girlie...

a and i spent a few minutes at the beach a while back practicing shooting manual - she's amazing me with how she's picking it up! we took a couple self-portraits, and with their permission, a couple photos of a sweet couple vacationing. thank you, baby-girl, for a fun date!

my version...

this one cracks me up!!