Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vitamix Giveaway!

Found an adorable and educational new blog from my Naples friend Jill. This sweet fellow homeschooler/natural lifestyle advocate is giving away a Vitamix! Go to her blog and comment - and check out all the good stuff she has to share! Click here.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

date night with my princess-girlie

one of the best assistants a photographer could ask for, a. is becoming quite the little shooter herself. we had a few minutes in-between sessions the other night and did a couple self-portraits. what a fun date with my beautiful daughter!

summer delight {anna's first pie}

my sweetie-girl baked her first pie and we all got seriously spoiled. she used our summer-fresh strawberries and made her glaze, then added in whole strawberries. now to be fair, she did use pre-made pie crust, but i've no doubts she will handle it just fine next time around. look at her little initial! thank you's to my baby-girl for the most delicious breakfast we've had all summer!

angel-girl kylie.

kylie is the newest addition to one of my favorite client/friend families. working on her images today, i just had to share. can't you almost breathe that sweet little newborn breath? yesterday my baby-boy (not far from two now...) wasn't feeling well. he wanted to nap in my bed so i lay with him till he fell asleep, staring into my eyes and gently stroking my cheek. then intensity of his gaze and the gentleness and momentary stillness in a busy toddler's world took my breath away. every moment of these years is not to be missed... Papa, never let me forget...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

sunday night couples' night...

on sunday nights we get together with some engaged/married couples to talk... well, marriage! we're reading through an amazing book called This Momentary Marriage by John Piper (thanks, hay!) and having some super-fun hang-time. last night we did a cheese plate and someone said it looked like a picture (hey, i don't need much prompting!). some friends jokingly say they hired me for a wedding because of my oreo pictures... think what a cheese plate could land me! mmmm... i'm getting hungry.

the view from my makeup counter this afternoon...

the blue eyed boy gets a bit of "coolness" from his brothers, it's true. you should see him rap!

Friday, August 7, 2009

a few shots from NYC...

so spoiled i am. this trip almost makes up for the fact that my precious studly husband of over 14 years just bought me a huge, white, custom van with teal shag carpet, mood lighting, and teal leather seats. just a few shots banged off at the wedding photography workshop i attended this week. pier 17 and times square were our two manhattan locations. happy, happy!

The Fresh Air Fund

I was contacted recently by a girl named Sara, who works with a neat organization called The Fresh Air Fund. This organization takes kids from some of New York City's toughest neighborhoods and gives them homes with host families outside the city for two weeks of "Fresh Air" vacations. According to their site, more than 65% of the children who make the trip are invited back to stay with their host families in future years!

The Fresh Air Fund serves boys and girls ages 6-12 who live in low-income communities in New York City and "are eager to experience the simple pleasures of life outside the city." They are still in need of host families for THIS SUMMER in various states, so please consider sending this info to friends in other states.

Having just been in New York City, getting this reminder from Sara touched my heart - please consider hosting a child or encouraging someone you know in another host state! Click here to visit their site and learn more!