Friday, January 8, 2010

...cry out to Jesus...

a few months ago my heart broke when i first became aware of the issue of human trafficking.  although my children will study the sickening era of our country's slavery epidemic as history, this issue of modern-day slavery is real and alive now.  a ministry called international justice mission came into my knowledge, and i began praying how i could be involved, honoring our current family and business position.  in my Papa's way, he opened the door for me professionally, as i was invited to create images for a website being built for our county.  over the Christmas holiday, as we celebrated the birth of The One who came to free all who are enslaved, we worked as a family to portray the horrifying bondage that is present reality to countless women and children in our nation and around the world today.

i have become aware that this is not a distant problem.  it's happening down the street, and possibly even next door.  mail-order slave-brides, child sex-slavery, household slavery, and many other atrocious crimes are commonplace even in our pretty neighborhoods... you can read case studies with a cursory web search.

i share these images with you which broke my heart, and i ask you to consider visiting the international justice mission website or simply search out human trafficking prevention organizations near you and begin praying.  pray for the ethical integrity of law enforcement officials worldwide.  pray for legal enforcement of anti-trafficking policy.  and please, please, pray for the freedom, physical, spiritual, and emotional, for all the world's bound ones, who are precious to our Father.