Wednesday, December 26, 2012

a little Christmas sweetness

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these Butterscotch Haystacks are the cure for grey-winter-day blues!

 find the recipe here!

and if you're still in need of a sweet treat, it's not too late to bake these:

 for which you can find the recipe here!

next week we'll be good, and we'll be posting some delicious ways to feed healthy cravings in the new year.  for now, sweet heaven!  :)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

toll house cookies on steroids

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take a classic, tried-and-true staple dessert like Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies.
add snack-tastic ingredients like pretzels and potato chips (yep, you read that right.)  we took it a step further and added caramel bits.  you've got THE cookie that'll top all the others at your holiday cookie swap.  if you're gonna be naughty... (santa'll never know.  promise.)
the only thing to make 'em better?  add bacon.  of course.

before you bake these (remember, double the recipe and freeze half the dough for indulgence at a later date), create your own pinterest board called "world's biggest cookie swap," and pin this recipe. is partnering with cookies across america, nestle, and ladies' home journal to help fight kids' cancer - every board created generates $1. go here for details!
(oh, and you can view the cute lil' video here at allrecipes!)

disclosure: i received a gift of Nestle Toll House Semi-sweet Chips from Nestle.  All recipe opinions are my own.  :)

hugs, and happy CHRISTmas baking!!