Tuesday, July 29, 2008


My Daddy here in the shadowlands is an addict. (Sorry, Poppy, I'm ratting you out.) He's a salt junkie and a hot sauce fanatic. I've tried helping him convert to sea salt, but he's not really buyin' it. As for the hot sauce, though, I can't argue his addiction. It's a really fun one, and he's left his legacy to his firstborn, his son-in-law, and several of the Sackett grandkids. In fact, we can't eat our mac n' cheese (WHOLEGRAIN, of course!) without it.
We don't just want the heat, though; we're all about the flavor. Jr. and I personally like a bit of sweet and smoky in ours. My sweet love of a husband can live without it, but he'll gladly use the cheap kind if offered. Today I thought I'd catch it in action - Here's our newest favorite - Sriracha! You gotta try it! (You got us hooked at Christmas, Daddy, and we are keeping well stocked!)

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