Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This growing international "sport" captured our interest when a fellow 4H-er gave a talk on it at District Competition, and last night, on a whim, we did some reading and set up a free account at www.geocaching.com . Geocaching involves special "caches" hidden in remote locations, and people use GPS to locate them. They are filled with odds and ends, and most importantly, a log book. You are free to take stuff out, but you must replace it with goodies of your own bringing, and you write in the log book. We had to giggle when the log book we read included an "accidental finder" who had been using the restroom in its hiding spot. Thanks to Aunt Carrie and Uncle David for inspiring us last night - maybe sometime we can find one together!

It so happens there are several caches hidden less than half a mile from our house... we'll try to keep the location discreet, but can you find it?? WE DID!!!!


pwsmom said...

Yay!! You found one! Yours was much bigger than our first find... hope we can find one together too!

Anonymous said...

Ok, we really are kindred spirits. We love to geocache! We learned about it after getting into letterboxing (another fun family adventure). Hubby and I have differing opinions as to whether we should go for cache count or the joy of being outside. I'm for cache count :)