Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Sister's Family

Wow, I totally did not expect that after just a couple hours' short visit, my throat would be tight and my eyes would well up when that Kentucky-rented minivan pulled out of our drive. My "little" sister is such a precious woman, growing in Grace and teaching me much about patience and determination. Her boys melt my heart, each so different. #1 is strong and quiet, with deep eyes and a serious expression. #2 reminds me of his mommy, and there's something about his tiny self that makes me want to give him whatever he might ask. And of course precious, chubby cheeked little one I just want to eat for dessert. My brother-in-law is funny and a loving and attentive husband and daddy, and the easy rhythm between them is as comforting as beef stew with red wine and buttered whole wheat biscuits! (Although for you, sis, I think I'd have to leave the beef out of the stew!)

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