Friday, July 4, 2008

I TRIED to warn you...

So, today I go to my friend M's house for lunch. (Name abbreviated to protect the innocent.) We arrive and she says something like, "I know it's risky, but I put I to bed in just a diaper." (You, dear reader, know what's coming next, don't you! Why didn't we? Haven't we all read my "POOP" entry???) So, her house if full of my 5 and three of her four kids, and we're pretty busy watching crazy boys play swordfight in the pool, and setting out a smorgasbord for lunch, and of course catching up on mom-dom and drinking peach tea, when we hear what might be baby I waking up. "She's fine," she says, or something like it. "She always is content for a bit in her crib - let's finish putting out lunch and I'll get her." (Cue dramatic music.) Famous last words. Well, actually, about two minutes later the REAL famous last words, as she opened her beautiful daughter's door, were, "OH, MY! OH, MY!" And with that, we spent the next hour scrubbing every nook and cranny of that beautifully appointed white crib and the pale green walls of that beautifully appointed princess room. And my friend M will be re-washing the load of VERY dirty laundry a few times, I imagine. Lysol Spray is our friend. That, and Clorox Wipes, and my new favorite product, Dreft Odor Eliminator Spray. Oh, yeah, baby, this is the life.

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