Friday, February 27, 2009

wisdom from earthly sources.

tonight we were watching a show that intrigues me - full of interesting scientific proposals and social innuendos. the show is called eleventh hour.

one of the characters said this (forgive my lack of exact quote - i should've written it down right away!), and it spoke of wisdom:

"one of the best things about nature is its ability to put our self-importance into perspective."

as i've been finding myself drawn into Papa's vast creation outdoors, i find this to be extremely true, and one of the pleasant side-effects of putting aside all the "need-to-do's" in favor of "dancing with my Father" outdoors. becoming engrossed in the variety of colorations on ladybugs' backs has a way of taking the focus off me and putting me in the place of "the one thing that is needed..." sitting at His feet.



Tami said...

There is always someting new and exciting when you observe nature. The sense that all is well no matter what is going on. Love the pics from your nature day :)

Sweet Blessings said...

It's an interesting show-there's been a couple of episodes that have made me go "hmmm?" Love the pics! I'm hosting a give-away for an awesome memory scripture program-check it out if you have some time:) Blessings! Amanda