Friday, February 6, 2009

birthday of the week, #2

...or technically, #4. our middle-baby, sort-of. our e-baby. my sweet boy who's curious and cuddly and would do anything for scratch-backs. of course, breakfast in bed. the neatest way, though - the bigs decided i wasn't going to get up fast enough, so they put his requested refrigerator-cinnamon-rolls to bake. then they set the tray, complete with fresh cut fruit. (they got his order: apples, oranges, and blueberries.)
orange juice, milk. served with a smile and a song and a ray of sunshine through the blinds. he enjoyed the service in big brother's lower bunk for ease of service.

the ever-present Princess-Puppy holds the seat of honor at breakfast.

mmmmmmmmmm... sticky fingers - proof of a meal well enjoyed. pure joy.

technically, we began his celebration on saturday with brian's.
jr. requested a lemonade ice cream cake, a past-made recipe.
e, on the other hand, mused, "you know what would be good? dark chocolate cake with nutmeg and cinnamon. and with a white frosting with nutmeg."
you got it, buddy!

back to the actual date-of-birth celebration... the day ended with a date with dad to a favorite arcade-play-place... lots of man-time, lots of tickets, and sugar enough to more than make up for the too-early cake celebration.

be still my heart - when this boy smiles, the world lights up. he enjoys life, and desires affection from each of his people. working hard to balance his best-friendship with his dear sister, and his longing to be one of the "big boys," he manages to fly under the radar much of the time, and demand attention when needed.
schooling him is such a pleasure just now, as he's ever more independent, and yet desirous of one-on-one learning time. and oh, how i love watching him become the protective and guiding older brother for blue.
it's a big year, e. you're growing all the time into a man of God to be reckoned with.


Faith said...

Happy Birthday!! Nutmeg and chocolate?! WHAT could be better than that - good man! You have trained him well :)

Tami said...

happy birthday big E!!! Did you save me a piece of that cake? (oh yeah, love the cake stand) :)

LovingLegacy said...

you noticed!!! it's good to give gifts that make you remembered every time they're used. faith, you are my kind of girl in the kitchen. what's funny is that it was richly chocolate, but the spices made it taste like a pumpkin cake - isn't it funny how our taste buds play tricks on us?

Fearless Mom said...

that's sweet. love the one with the princess puppy.

momof4sweetsisters said...

Happy B-day E! The cakes look yummy.I like your new header.

Six Feet Under Blog said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun day!

Gingerbread Mommy said...

makes me wish I were there! And oh,I love your new title header!