Monday, February 23, 2009

florida state fair

when our friend carrie offered us student tickets for the state fair, we decided to "run away" for the day. i love the contrast between the earthy, old-fashioned history to be found in the cracker country, to the grungy, greasy fare on the food strip, to the fantastical offerings at the circus. we ate terrible things and came home filthy and tired, but we had oh, so much fun doing it!
i don't even know what you call this, but it takes my breath away. i couldn't stop shooting this beautiful woman!

alex, the funniest clown we've ever seen; we actually had to stay and meet him. yes, we've become circus-clown stalkers. he reminded me so much of our old friend eric koroknay! when the tightrope walker took a little "spill" (and i don't think it was just for show, either; he had to fall into a spin!) i heard anna gasp from 8 rows above me!

the sea lion show.
little lambs for mimi. carrie remarked, "your kids would love to live on a farm, wouldn't they?" maybe someday... and yes, they would!
oh, how we love the historical exhibits!

one very tired little Blue.

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