Friday, February 6, 2009

Insight Technical Education

Not too long ago, we received a product called "Advanced Complete-A-Sketch" from Insight Technical Education. Complete-A-Sketch is a digital product that allows you to print out a detailed drawing of a technical item. Students then complete the partially-illustrated item to develop dexterity, focus, and artistic skill.

From their site: "There are many art courses available for children. Complete-A-Sketch is different from all of them. The unique approach of Complete-A-Sketch allowed me to teach my children to draw what they see. I think of technical art as a practical art. It allows the artist to clearly present their ideas to others. As the old saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words."

I am intrigued by a product so foreign to any I've tried; it's neat to discover a curriculum that seems completely unique within the homeschool market. More than a basic art program, this line of products encourages students to explore technical drawing as a possible entrance into drafting or accounting careers. I also appreciate that the product is not age-designated - all ages of children who are able to complete the drawings can benefit from it. There is also a program available called "Vision-Dexterity-Focus" created specifically for challenged learners, as well as advanced drafting and graphic design products.

Both Brian Jr. and Joshua enjoyed the drawings they've completed. For your technically-minded student, this could be a very useful product. It's billed as promoting self-motivation... you know I'm all about any learning tool that does that!

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