Friday, February 6, 2009

Heads Up!

Recently, we received a cool product called a Heads Up! Reader. This handy little item is a flexible plastic strip that highlights a particular section of text to help a child (or grown up, for that matter!) focus. Joshua also uses it as a straight edge when he's writing, and it makes a perfect bookmark.
I can remember when the kids were first starting to read, and this would have made an invaluable posession for them during "quiet time," as it helps the eyes target on just the section of text being read at the moment. These frames and guides come in various sizes, and each is only $1!

Heads Up is a cool resource for homeschoolers and any parents! This company provides helps as well as books and learning tools for all types of learners, and particularly kids with learning differences. One of my favorite items from their site is the Sand Turtle, which is a weighted pillow filled with pea gravel. "When placed on the lap, the deep pressure provides a relaxing sensation while maintaining a constant tactile reminder when it's time to sit still. If a child begins to stand up, the turtle begins to slide and the child has an instant nonverbal reminder to remain seated. These turtles promote relaxation and can be enjoyed by children and adults." Man, if it does all that, I need one for each of us! This cool idea is also availabe in kitties and snakes.
My all-time favorite item from the site, though, (and one we totally plan to order in different colors for each of our kids!) is the "Page Up." This nifty little device holds a sheet of paper upright so it can be read while working! (Click on photo to go to web page.) Matter of fact, I think I need one for the kitchen counter, one for the computer desk...
This company is also a great general resource for learning tips and especially ideas and pointers for enriching education for differently-abled learners. Go check out Heads Up! now!

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Faith said...

Um Yes, I'll take all of these please, thanks for the site info!