Monday, February 23, 2009

nature study

i never get over how when Papa talks to us, he comes at us from several different angles, and often various sources. it seems no matter where i turn lately, He's been calling my heart to get out into His creation and explore. we've made it a goal to join a fellow blogger's nature hour challenge (i'll post a link soon!). how much fun it is to get to know our favorite Artist through all the things He's made. i've discovered that i am drawn to splashes of red and of white painted across Papa's canvas. these little guys make my breath catch in my throat for some reason.

a breaks in her nature journal.
e and his friend k taking it all in.

it is a precious thing to me that i now struggle to decipher which shots brian jr's taken on the camera. this is his.

oh, Papa - continue to whisper our names through the beauty of your creation. train our ears to be sensitive to hear the melody, and our hearts to join the harmony your nature sings!

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The Ties that Bind Us said...

Seriously, Brian Jr. has an eye. Next time we need more time and a latte.