Monday, February 16, 2009

Artistic Pursuits

Looooooooooooving this curriculum! Broken down according to grade, Artistic Pursuits is a non-consumable art curriculum which is well-organized, simple to execute, and in-depth.
We received K-3 Book Two, Stories of Artists and Their Art. We also get to explore Junior High Book 1, The Elements of Art and Composition!

Things I love:
It's not only age-designed, but also topical. I was able to take the elementary level book we got and "cherry pick" a topic that pertains to what we're currently studying.
It's full of rich historical detail on the artist and genre studied. Anna and Ethan snuggled and read about the artist they were studying before they did a watercolor painting.
It's easy to execute. Each book begins with a basic list of supplies needed, and which assignment will use them.
It's nonconsumable. We can use this with all our kids!

Things I don't love:
To be honest? I have yet to find anything.

Anna Makes a Carved Apple:

We spun this into a science experiment. We tested how it looked in different types of light, and currently it is "aging" on our kitchen windowsill!

Check out Artistic Pursuits.

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