Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spell Quizzer - TOS Homeschool Product Review

Sometimes you just wanna hug creative people who make products that make your life easier. If you're a multitasking momma, that might be the case when you discover SpellQuizzer.

In their words:
Helping a child learn their spelling words can be a tedious task for both the student and teacher. It involves daily sessions of reciting the spelling words one a time, having the student write them down and then checking the spelling for accuracy. SpellQuizzer automates this process so that the student can work at their own pace without requiring that the teacher or parent stand over them reading their words out over and over. Learning spelling lists is faster and easier for students with SpellQuizzer.

SpellQuizzer is a digital product that removes the hands-on work of drilling your student on spelling words. It has the capability to both input spelling lists and export them (for example, if you wanted to share a list with others to use). With the use of a microphone, you create lists and then record verbal cues to help your student review. The website also features several pre-made spelling lists from holidays to frequently missed words by grade.

The author includes a ton of helpful tips and suggestions to make the use of this program more fun and effective. At $29.95, I personally would consider SpellQuizzer a quality and frugal investment for expanding my teaching capabilities and extending my reach as a teaching momma!

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