Monday, March 23, 2009

The Sentence Game - homeschool product review

MORE FUN THAN GRAMMAR LESSONS! If you're looking for a fun way to improve writing and grammar skills, this game is for you! For 2 to 6 players, grades 1st and up. Rules are easily mastered. The Sentence Zone can be played at six levels - from Level 1 in which the player builds a subject and verb sentence, to Level 6 in which the player builds complex sentences with independent and dependent clauses. With over 500 color coded cards, students are sure to be unique and entertaining every time. A great reinforcing individual activity where a player keeps track of his score from day to day, trying to top his previous score, or a great group activity where competition drives creativity and learning. An instructive and enjoyable way to shatter the tedium of English grammar lessons!
This is a quote from the website regarding The Sentence Game, a product we received for review.
We did enjoy playing this game. Any time we can break out of our regular routine and add variety to our studies, and especially when we can incorporate all of our ages, it is a hit. The game came with an instructional video to help us get started. The idea of the "game" is to use the words provided on the brightly color-coded cards (so coded to distinguish the parts of speech) to create sentences, building your grammar and storytelling skills in the process.
Liked: This is already put together. It has lots and lots of words for building. It is easily adaptable for my beginning reader and my older kids.
Hhmmm: Some of the word choices seem a bit odd - the way the game is broken down is a bit hard to follow, the video dated, and the "point" of the game somewhat unclear, at least to me.
Buuut: For those who are deep into grammar, or writing studies, this might be of great interest! For those who are more advanced than me, this might make perfect sense as a game!

I do have to mention, because I think it is significant, that this game costs $67 on the website. For us, this would be a significant part of our school budget for something we'd consider an "extra."
If you are interested in this and other Bonnie Terry products, you can find them here.

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