Monday, March 23, 2009

more science in real life.

it's been a couple weeks, but we still wanted to share these shots from adventures with friends. we met up with a family who'd just moved back to the area do watch the manatees at the Teco power plant. i am sure some environmentalist will have some problem with my finding beauty in this shot, but i don't care. the image itself is cool; i love the contrast of the smokestack (oops: update thanks to a friend - it's STEAM!! now we need to look up how this all works!) against the pure sky. i am awed by man's ability to take what God's given us, and although we often screw it up, we're able to harness the energy He's created and use it to better our lives. most of the time we use it for betterment, anyway.

we love the "socialization" comments and questions we get when strangers find out we're homeschooling. yes, our kids are really deprived. hee,hee! it's a cool thing to be Littlest when your siblings are exploring. you get a front-row seat to watch the adventure. and when they're really cool siblings, they take you along for the fun. .

e was very teary-eyed when i told him he couldn't climb the tree overhanging tampa bay. until i softened up and let him. it's what you do when you're a boy. or a girl! and he was so proud when he could swing over the water like the rest of them. nice hour-long drive home in underwear it was. pants don't travel well when the've been "dipped" in saltwater.

the girls loved the trees, too.

i don't think Blue was too pleased about breaking the rules.


Tami said...

so fun. it looks so "old fashioned". I love it there (and I love the jones :)

Jill said...

finally....:)love the pictures seems like so long ago already! I am glad you didn't mention the other part that happened in our day - environmentalists would have died if they only knew......"The Best Solution to Pollution is Dilution!