Saturday, March 28, 2009

a few years ago, a little girl was born in a small town in indiana. her family loved her very much, and her Creator loved her even more. she grew up to be a pretty lady with a prettier spirit, and she met a handsome man who had two little girls and a broken heart. with the help of her Father, she helped him heal his heart, and long years later, she helped him bring home the hearts of his girls.

one of those girls grew bigger and came to live with them. the first girl, whose name was constance, lived out her name in her actions. she devoted herself to loving faithfully the husband and daughter she was given. she prayed and she loved and she taught and she encouraged, and Papa-God blessed her faithfulness by building a home of love.

the daughter she loved grew up and moved away and had a family of her own. through the years, challenges would come, and days would be hard, and callings would be felt, and all the while constance would remain constant. she would pray, and she would challenge; she would encourage, and she would love. she was the woman her Father named her to be.

the husband was grateful, as well, for the constance of constance. she was his partner and friend, his lover and helpmeet. she continued to pray, and she worked and she cooked, she served alongside and still she loved.

the girl constance was a gift to me from my Papa. i am the daughter of her heart whom she loved, and served, and challenged, and encouraged. i am the "little one" who gained confidence at her faith, who knew trust in her faithfulness, and who knew unending love in her arms.

it's my mom's birthday today, and i am one spoiled girl. for i have received the love of constance.

happy birthday, mom. i love you.


I'm blessed with Three said...

i love this!

Kerry Giles said...

you should be a writer. You have a wonderful way of expressing yourself. Your mom is blessed.