Monday, March 23, 2009

Schleich Action Figures

Oh, wow, did we ever get an exciting delivery last week! Have you ever seen the animal figures made by Schleich? We received some to review for the TOS Crew! Here in town, I know you can buy these at Michael's. I also know you can buy them at some Ace Hardware stores - and I know this for a funny reason. A few days after we received our box of cool animals to play with, we came home to three HUGE, VERY HEAVY boxes on our front porch. Inside were literally hundreds of bubble-wrapped animals. I was pretty sure we weren't meant to review all of these (you only need so many realistic crocodiles) so we called and discovered we had received a shipment meant for a store in New York! Alas, my little E cried big tears at having to send the figures on their merry way - for we have bonded with our Schleich figures. The kids (ALL OF THEM!) love these - whether it's little Blue making the animal sounds (a great interactive time with siblings!) or E, who pronounced it "very, very mean," that we didn't get to keep all three cases, or the big ones who just like to handle them and read the neat little flyers that come with them.
If you're studying animals, or just needing some neat interactive toys, these are sturdy, just-right-sized, and very life-like!
This little piggy loves his new friends!

And oh, my lands, you have to visit their site! It's fun and lively and itself interactive! You can't believe all the other types of figures they create - check out the medieval ones!


The Ties that Bind Us said...

Rub it in...go ahead! I'm holding a few little people WITH FELT hostage.

Mike Ritter said...

I actually bought a few of these myself a few years back. Expensive, but amazingly detailed.