Wednesday, March 25, 2009

fish heads and sugar snap peas...

okay, some things about boys are just plain gross. sorry. the catfish that came home from the skyway bridge fishing trip made me gag. i will spare you the really detailed pics, but i want you to know that inside the catfish, which daddy attempted to filet, was another fish. now that was cool. but don't ask me to eat that thing. man, i miss that little place we used to go for fried catfish in northern indiana when i was growing up. colfax?? was that the name??

much sweeter... sugar snap peas, please. Little was so happy up on his stool, picking these apart and chowing down. i am ever in awe of the tenderness natural to the Bigs when they respond to them. he'd say, "ahhhhhh" and force feed one of them, and they'd giggle and take it. and again, i say Papa didn't just bless us with Blue, He blessed Blue with his amazing siblings.

see how determined is his expression as he works on those peas?

and a little art time... despite the wind (NOT good for flying art papers) and the impatience (yep, mine;) we endured and relished the perfection of spring.

happy day - it's spring!


Sweet Blessings said...

How'd you get that fish to look so perfect-lol! Great pictures of your beautiful family. Thank you for your prayers! We're in and awaiting this little blessing any day now! Amanda:)

The Ties that Bind Us said...

They had a blast fishing! Too bad we couldn't have a fish fry...maybe next time.

Gingerbread Mommy said...

yep, it's Colfax. And, I'd eat those peas from that precious little hand!