Wednesday, January 21, 2009

trust in the Lord...

with all your heart. lean not on your own understanding. in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.

today our new president took office. today in the midst of a recession, our nation spent more money than in history to celebrate that inauguration.
today the news magazine covers celebrated this man, who spits in the face of God with his beliefs and passions, as "the hope of America."
this man is not our hope.
God Almighty is our hope, and it is in His plan to use this time in history to shape and mold and prune His people, to teach us again to trust in Him, and to be glorified.

trust in the Lord. with all your heart.

today i sent my three oldest to ride their bikes to our garden plot a few blocks away for only the 4th or 5th time without my watchful eye. as i read with my #4 while littlest was napping, my husband called. "she's okay, but anna's been hit by a car. your friend faith is with her."

trust in the Lord. with all your heart.

i screeched down the street, after cupping e's face and demanding he "be brave and wait here - brian will be right home."
i closed the door on my poor scared boy, leaving him to wait for his big brother to come. i floored my vehicle over speed bumps and ignored stop signs.

i wrapped my tiny little angel-girl in my arms and held her tight. listened to the strange woman say, "i was looking down the road for other cars coming. praise Jesus, she's okay." took the stranger's card in my hands in case we needed to contact her.

lean not on your own understanding.

today i hastily stated,
"well, that proves it. i can't let them out of my sight."
remembered "bad" things can, and will, happen to them again. asked my Papa to give me clarity. and wisdom.
heard my husband give council.

watched as e. wrapped his arms around her and, tears running down his cheeks, told her, "when i heard what happened to you anna, i started crying."

remembered that my Papa allows strange things to happen sometimes to remind us He is, and He loves. more perfectly than I can.

tonight i kissed Little Girl on the neck and told her it's okay to go to sleep. told her to ask Jesus to help her learn what she needs to (look more carefully) and thank Him that He protected her. that her brothers were there to comfort her. that a dear lady we know was driving by just as it happened. thanked God in my heart she was wearing a helmet. that He chose to let us keep her longer.

in all your ways acknowledge Him. acknowledge me, little one.

today i thank my God that it is He who is in control. now matter what our nation's status, no matter what the economic state, no matter who is in office, no matter what others think, no matter how dangerous the world seems.

You are God, my Papa.


G E N E V I E V E said...

The infinite kindness and tender mercies of our Savior are so evidently flowing through your family right now. Thanks for sharing the peril and peace of your day with us.

Sweet Blessings said...

Praise the Lord! I cannot even imagine how your heart sunk after hearing those words! I was tearing up just thinking about her and her sweet little life-thank you Lord for keeping A. safe! If you need anything-please call/email!! Much love! Amanda

Amy said...

My chest tightened, eyes blurred, I could barely read to the end. Thank you, thank you Lord! I will pray that now YOU will sleep tonight, my friend.

Tami said...

wow. is your friend's name really faith? think about was with your little girl. i thought you meant your faith but you actually meant a woman named FAITH!!! very cool how God's allows us to see good in all things. Praise God, you could "see" it so soon.....

Shelby said...

Oh Angie, Thanking the Lord that He is ALWAYS there! I am in tears thinking of what your Mama's heart was going through. Love you guys!

momof4sweetsisters said...

I can hardly breathe... Thank you Jesus for allowing us more time with our friend. Teach her and us what we need from this experience. Always drawing us nearer to you.Love you all.

my heart said...

So peaceful to know he is in control. So reassuring to trust in Him. So thankful he knows what we need and what we can handle. So hard to let them go and grow. I am so happy that sweet, wonderful A is ok. It is great that such a person as wonderful as Faith was driving by, there to comfort, help, reassure! His ways are awesome!!!micki

my heart said...

sorry for signing the above comment with micki, that was my word verification word, accidently put it in the wrong spot!

Funchaosx4 said...

Oh, S family. How scary for all involved, the boys for seeing it happen, you for the short drive there, B for the phone call and E for waiting and not knowing and A for having it happen! So glad to know that everyone is ok! {{HUGS}}

Thank you God for keeping everyone safe and continuing in spite of fear to trust in you!!!!!

4funnyboys said...

I am just so thankful she is ok. I just thank the Lord for keeping her safe. It must have been so hard getting there fast enough. So scary for you as a mom! Just Thank you Lord!!!

A teacher's heart said...

Praise the Lord, his mercies endure forever. I am so thankful all are safe. I was hit by a car on a bike at 14, a little bruising, but no major injuries. God is so good.