Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh, boy, here we go...

always wanted to learn Latin. isn't that a good reason to teach the "bigs"? actually, we are going to study it for greater language grasp, to improve our spelling, and to widen the opportunities if they want to study other languages. wasn't i a happy little bird when this arrived as a product to review for our journey with the TOS Crew?!

on another note (sort of), it's been a really awesome couple of weeks back to school. i think the gang was ready to be done with our "break" and back to our routine. there's nothing in the world sweeter than curling up on a giant beanbag next to a few of my little people and reading together. i think it might be even cooler (okay, didn't i just say that was impossible?) when they're engrossed in their own books. it's a Marco Polo week... joshie says, "mom, this guy was kind of wierd!" and there you have it.

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