Wednesday, January 28, 2009

school days, school days...

e decided he wanted to make his own castle today (we're still in knights and castles and the middle ages...) from a picture he saw in a book. out came the straws and scissors and such. it's gonna be a few days of mess, i can see.
after i warned him sternly, he kept saying, "somebody, isaac's got a choking hazard." so we'd have to run and grab the runaway straw remnant before he could continue! it amazes me often, the gentle way they have with Little Blue... even when he's destroying their projects (or "helping" them!) they are tender in voice and action. of course, the fact that yesterday he started calling them by name (he's been saying "anna" for weeks...) in his language made their adoration even sweeter!

still (and probably always), one of my greatest delights is the pleasure of seeing my children engrossed in a good book.


Jill said...

Do you use Tapestry of Grace? Will you tell me more and how??? Their website scares me...any insight would be greatly appreciated!!

Gingerbread Mommy said...

Middle man has actually been known to walk around with a toilet paper tube testing for "choking hazards." How neat that we can share (if but long distance) similar joys in life!