Wednesday, January 28, 2009

six feet under...

the title and explanation for this blog gave me the giggles the other day... i visited following my buddy jodi from MCP ACTIONS, one of my favorite photoshop gurus. jodi was the guest blogger last week for tess over at six feet under,

i wanted to post my "six feet under" morning. silly me... wanted to get my photography website up and running... so i stayed up ALL NIGHT. i mean, as in, i watched the daylight steal in as i typed away. as in, i think my bottom is permanently glued to my comfy new (did i tell you about it?) bargain chair.

oh, Lord, bless me in my stupidity and bless my children for their patience with me today!

and THIS is what happens when mommy doesn't sleep, and then blogs in the morning. um, yeah. that's my little secret stash of gourmet dark chocolate with dried cherries. which he spit out. i guess he doesn't like the cherries, just the chocolate. see the blur? i had to catch him fast. little Blue is like a jackrabbit when he's been caught with forbidden indulgences. plus we still have some carpet that hasn't been "decorated" by our kids. man, i gotta JET!!
seriously, now, i am off to be mom. and teacher. although i suspect they'll do more teaching than me today. and i PROMISE i will take a nap.

while i do, go visit my new blog sister tess and leave some nice comments!!!
oh, and thanks for the lovely portrait, JRB!!

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The Ties that Bind Us said...

I can't believe you are not in bed yet!!! You could have dropped them off over here, you know I'd keep them busy!