Thursday, January 29, 2009

thankful thursday

i am thankful for the keyboard i'm typing at. i'm thankful that soon i'll be shutting it down and moving on with my day. i'm thankful for the little boy with goggles on his head who doesn't even know what a film cannister is to use for his science project. (ahh, digital.) i am thankful for the big bro who leads the way, for #2 who is the tender funny guy, for princess girlie and baby Blue... for the man who loves us all, for the families that built into our life, for silly blond friends who make me want to be more a "fun mommy..." for sisters in the journey. for renewed friendship with the sister of my birth. for my Dad. for good books and pistachios and red wine and aged cheese and dark chocolate. for my camera(s) and beautiful things and people to shoot with them. i am thankful for the beach and that it's so close. i am thankful for my Papa who made it all.


Mom Bloggers said...

What a sweet post! I wasnt having a sweet day to post one but maybe tomorrow- lol!

Tami said...

it is nice to be thankful. :)