Sunday, January 11, 2009

KidsWealth Money Kit

Last year my husband and I attended Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. We were overwhelmed (well, most of this comes instinctively to my husband - so I was most overwhelmed) by the simplicity and necessity of basic money-managing techniques. Imagine my excitement when I got my hands on the KidsWealth Money Kit, which is produced right here in Tampa.
Founded by a couple who has lived the "excessive-debt-to-disciplined-living" story, KidsWealth is a curriculum/program designed to help kids develop a wise perspective on money management, and we have been honored to review it for you!

We were so excited to open our box from KidsWealth: each child received their very own kit, which comes with pencils, calculator, activity tracker workbook, calendar, money envelopes, and other goodies, all neatly kept in a sturdy plastic colored binder (so they better know which is theirs!).

Things I love:
The kit itself is bright, colorful, user-friendly, and therefore attractive to my children. (A necessity to capture their interest, in my opinion.)

The concepts are balanced and powerful, and line up very closely with principles we are learning ourselves.

The program gives us a clear, concise "jump start" to principles we have been wanting to teach our children.

Thing (only one) that makes me pause:
This is not an intrinsically Christian program, therefore concepts are not directly aligned to biblical principles. Taking care to teach my children God's perspective on finances will be a concerted effort on top of this program.

Connecting to will give a wealth of information, not only on the program itself, but on the philosophy behind it. There is also a parents' forum and a suggested reading list that I have found extremely helpful!

There has never been a more appropriate or necessary time for grounding ourselves, and for teaching our children good financial management skills. This program (because we plan to continue using it beyond our review!) will have the added benefit of helping me keep my "own-self" in line with our family's goals and convictions, as well! Check it out!

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