Thursday, January 8, 2009

holy cauliflower, batman!

... and cherry tomatoes, too!

as if our bounty from the organic produce co-op today wasn't enough, the kids went to harvest a few of their latest "crops" at the 4H gardens. can you even BELIEVE this cauliflower? it was so sweet and juicy right off the head out in the front yard this afternoon. tomorrow night, at bj's request, we'll have it pureed. mmmm!


Funchaosx4 said...

Yea, um, you definitely kicked my
4-H butt!! LOL! I just realized that we have the same background. You have great taste;) I wish I could exaggerate and weave a story much more exciting but... the ink will be on the top of my foot. It will be my son Andrew's foot prints (they are very tiny) and it will symbolze the foot prints of all my children and the 1 set of footprints for the times He has carried me!
Surpised? xoxoxo
p.s. how is the new SUV? Did you do it Dave's way;);););)

Shelby said...

I made really yummy broccoli and cauliflower soup last night. My cauliflower was organic, but it was NOT that big! :) My soup was definitely not low fat and it had yummy raw organic cream in it, but I would say it was healthy - and it was really good! Let me know if you want the recipe!

Tami said...

the caully looks very large. i am not sure if i am more amazed about the size or how happy your kids look to be eating it!! by the way, that is the first time i have ever called cauliflower, caully. it's gotta nice ring.

The Ties that Bind Us said...

I'm tagging you. Come on! You've got like a gazillion pictures over there, it won't be that hard. Go to my blog to find out more.