Saturday, October 25, 2008

twin portraits.

today my anna and i got the privelege of photographing the beautiful peyton and avery. look how amazing they and their sweet momma look! for more of their session, go here.

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Teaching Diligently said...

Oh, I just love these! . . . I can't wait!

I would LOVE to do crafty mom things with your kiddos. You might have a deal there. (however, getting to FL with 6 or 7 kids may be an issue) lol

We are finishing up week 8. I had this grand plan with all the weeks laid out & when we would take breaks, etc. - Ummm, Not happening! We are just going at our own pace. Year 2 has so many great topics. LOVIN' IT. Congrat's on getting your new unit. It is so exciting when the UPS man shows up with TOG on the box! :)

Have a good day.

PS. You are going to have to stop putting all the beautiful pictures of the YUMMY food on here -- you may loose a reader. lol -- I am craving your oatmeal bowl!!!! I can almost smell it from my computer.