Wednesday, October 22, 2008

more on our early Christmas.

i mentioned earlier that we received this special early Christmas present as part of my joining the TOS Crew to review products for homeschoolers. yesterday we opened it up and i let the kids have at it. i had to giggle when i read another mom's plans to pack it away until Christmas after they'd checked it out - i had the same thought! we won't be doing that after i've seen how much they love it. anna and ethan love to play pretend, anyway - but it's been fun to see how oldest and littlest have joined in, too. the figures are flexible and easy to handle and they're using the figures to "teach" Blue the Story.
these figures are a light-hearted, somewhat comic crew that will be lots of fun for imaginative re-telling of the most significant birth-day in history.
one thing i really like: the set came with a "spiritual stepping stones" insert that addresses developmental stages with ideas for concepts your little ones may be ready to understand.
one pet peeve: i don't get why nativity sets (which i collect anyway if i love them) don't ever come historically accurate. angels aren't pretty blond-haired-blue-eyed girls in dresses. the people in the true story were middle-eastern, not european in descent. i'm always waiting for a more accurate creation to be marketed... but then again, i can choose to look at it as "drama." there, that's better. in the mean-time, i'll content myself with baby Jesus, whom anna pointed out, does look remarkably older than an infant. we'll keep the wisemen close to him when we set up this collection - instead of across "the kingdom" as we usually do. (smiles and giggles.)
if you're interested in this set, it can be found, along with lots of other goodies, here!!

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