Friday, October 10, 2008

playing together.

i married the funniest, coolest, sweetest guy. sometimes it's easy to forget that in the mundane "have to's" of a busy life. he's a techie by trade, but at heart, he's the classic melancholy... artistic, a bit moody, and very precise. the perfect counter for my fiery, outgoing, quick-to-change red-headedness. isn't God the most intersting matchmaker?

it's the coolest gift to have the chance to just "play" together. i'd been praying that i would be able to just enjoy the time together without feeling pressure to "make up" for lost hours. Papa God is so good - because that's just what we did today. my awesome man even took up the camera and shot some great stuff - and i was able to teach HIM some technical things! thanks for the giggles, babe.

little (& bigger) sacketts, mommy and daddy sure miss you... and we're having fun being together, too! it's an awesome gift God gives us in a husband or wife... we pray that for you someday. and we pray our time away will help us be even more fun at home with you guys!


Funchaosx4 said...

Angela, I am so happy for you guys. You both look so in love and relaxed. Isn't it great when we are parents have an opportunity to just be us as a couple? It can only bring good things for both you and the kids. Enjoy the resto of yout time!

S said...

Beautiful pictures! Have fun!!!