Thursday, October 23, 2008

He's making sure i get it.

for the last couple of weeks i have been dying to make a collage out of the vineyard photos i got up in canada with the whole concept of "abiding in the vine." Papa has been niggling at me about my stuggles to be gentle, kind, and patient at home. i can so identify with paul who hated that he struggled with the same "thorn in the flesh" over and over. (whether it was a sin or a physical deformity, it plagued him. i feel this same frustration, and again i have felt the gentle call, "come abide with Me." this is so how He seems to work with us - when He's telling my heart something, it comes at me from repeated sources. well, don't you know we get to church Sunday and the scheduled sermon passage (not randomly chosen -as if there is such a thing with Him- our pastor is teaching exegetically through John) is "abiding in the vine." the whole sermon is about walking in the Spirit and producing the fruit of the Spirit!! i love my gentle, persistent "Hound of Heaven" God!!

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