Friday, October 10, 2008

the falls.

in front of the upper rapids on Three Sisters Island (in New York)
he is NOT on the paved area. shhhh.
the view of our hotel looking across the Canadian falls from Three Sisters Island - this is looking over the rapids and the falls "drop off" under that mist between the camera and the hotel. crossing the border. where are those canadian mounties??
the view from our hotel window. just past the jacuzzi tub. it's not heart-shaped (thank-you-Lord). are you jealous?? you can practically feel the ground vibrate when you're closer.
i had such an awareness of God's sense of whimsy tonight as we stood right on top of this unbelievably beautiful, and powerful, and impractical piece of artistry. take a look. HE IS.


Vicki said...

Beautiful pictures! You look great in the sweater and scarf. It makes me want the cooler temps to come even more!

Tami said...

Wow!! Amazing. Are you home, yet? Miss you all....