Wednesday, February 24, 2010

works for me wednesday!

just a few short years ago, i was a cooking maniac.  i was even featured on some local tv stations and was a candidate for a Food Network reality series... one would think i am a super-cook!  flash forward... our family has five homeschooled kids, we are running a family photography business, and i make occasional television appearances.  something's gotta give!  well, cooking gave - now we often grab (gasp!) premade frozen meals or whip up (double-gasp!) canned soup for lunch.  i know, i know, but it's survival!!

here's where my favorite recipe site kicks in... for a decade, i think, i've been loyal to my go-to food site,  i love this place!  i can quickly find any amount of recipes both familiar and new.  there's a wealth of information by way of tutorials and ingredient information pages.  i can rate recipes and post my own. i create my own recipe box and shopping lists.  but one of my favorite features about is the ingredient search where i can type in "ingredients i want" and ingredients i don't want."  it's fabulous for dealing with picky little stinkers individual preferences and also for making the most of what we have in our frugal pantry!  (and even though we're working to be frugal, we are somewhat food-snobs, so this helps us truly balance the two!).  it's also great for sending the oldest ones, who are now cooks in their own right, to find recipes for impromptu cooking sessions with what's-on-hand-in-the-pantry.
i've seen some other sites out there, but in a pinch, my works-for-me go-to site is

here's one of my favorite recipes from allrecipes - sesame tilapia.  it's simple and fast and tilapia is both mild and reasonably priced. (and this picture is one from the site - couldn't dig mine up from the files in time!!!  :)  go here for the recipe.

p.s. to see what "works" for other bloggers, visit We Are That Family!!


Lynn said...

Sounds like a fun site. I have gone a little crazy the last couple years, printing out recipes from all the great cooking blogs out there. So many recipes, so little time. Sigh.

Champion Builders said...

I love too. That "ingredients i want" and ingredients i don't want" feature is great with kids with food allergies/sensitivities.