Tuesday, February 23, 2010

monday nights at our house are girl night and guy night.  don't mess with girl night and guy night.  we started this tradition some time ago when i was inspired by my sweet friend's post about sisters night at her house.  the guys do crazy stuff like swim after dark at the beach, or rent dollar movies and pick up ice-cream sandwiches to enjoy in a parking lot, in our big conversion van.  they eat stuff like taco bell (blech!) and pizza.

we take turns with little blue - he's not quite big enough to enjoy all the crazy guy night stuff, and it interferes with bed-time.  on this particular night sister snuggled and read to him while i prepared our "foodie feast."

we've done everything from meet girlfriends at panera to paint a canvas with sand and acrylics at the beach (which now hangs on my girly's wall.)  recently we added a "girl night journal" to our ritual which holds scripture and quotes about mothers and daughters and will hold our memoirs of our time together.

toasting with sparkling cider - "to us - and to girl night!"

it's so important to me that when she is "over" me (and i know with my own sinful nature there will be plenty of times she is), my girl can go to the memories of our time together and read my thoughts of love toward to her.  i want her to write in it, too, so her memories are active and personal!

on this girl-night, we cooked together and feasted on steamed artichokes with butter and balsamic vinegar, brown-butter sauteed butternut squash ravioli, and an antipasti platter with pickled garlic, roasted tomatoes, italian meats and cheeses, grapes, bruschetta crackers, and (her favorite and mine) herbed goat cheese!

we had a pan waiting for the boys of the evil delicious saltine crackers made with a toffee-chocolate topping - yum.  very, VERY bad.  you can find the recipe here. and very fun - we were a giggling mess as we dug into the artichoke.

we finished with some journaling and set up my girl's new photography blog.

very little will ever be as precious to me as girl night.


Christa said...

I love this, Angela! What beautiful memories you are creating with your daughter. Thank you for your example of tying strings from your heart to your daughter. And your food looks so yummy, too! :-)

Kirsty said...

This post makes me happy. What a wonderful tradition-I am inspired. The food pictures are amazing. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, I like yours so much I am following it (them! :)

Funchaosx4 said...

What an awesome idea! I love it, and you guys! Thanks for the hugs tonight, sometimes that's all it takes to heal a girls heart! I love you!

Melissa said...

What precious pictures!!

Love the name of your blog. :)


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