Thursday, February 25, 2010

mom-tography {the growing art of taking your kids' pics!}

for those new to my blog, i'm a homeschool momma who decided a couple of years ago to learn what i could really do with my digital camera.  ever-so-quickly, i became addicted to the art of photography and haven't looked back.  i started a portrait photography business when i realized the passion i had along with the desire to connect with others was something people appreciated, and were willing to invest in.  (and i jokingly say as i realized i needed new equipment to get better at the craft, i had to find a way to pay for it.)  :) 

along the way i've had lots of friends ask for help and i'd like to share some tips you can use right now in your everyday snapshots of your kids.  (and if you're local ask about the mom-tography workshop we're working on for this spring!)  i thought i'd call it mom-tography... after all, just because you don't do it for a living doesn't mean a mom doesn't want to get better everyday pictures of her own gang!
How low can you go?

which do you like better?  why?

anyone driving by when I am doing a photography session, especially a session that involves kids, would get quite an amusing view. i’ve been known to climb onto a willing assistant (my father-in-law volunteered, and I really wanted the shot!), a wobbly railing, and a park bench. i’ve also been attacked by fire ants four times so far lying on the ground (and thank goodness, it’s always me and not my clients who get it!). why on earth? well, some of the best shots you’ll get of your kids will be when you’re on their level. think about it: when you “shoot down” on your kids, you emphasize how little they are, and how far you are “above” their world. sometimes that’s a cool thing – but sometimes it’s a good thing to enter into their world – both in real life and in capturing their lives with your camera.  it's known as "perspective," and it can determine what you "say" about your subjects to those who look at your images!

i challenge you: next time you take a snapshot of your littles, get down on their level. you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in capturing them at home in their world!  leave a comment and let me know your thoughts... or share an image and i'll feature you in a future post!

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momof4sweetsisters said...

Love it! I think you should put Mr. Linky up after a couple of weeks so people can you what they're learning. Yup! I needed a little perspective.

I think I'm gonna do mine on old deep freeze. It's clean!

Nony said...

Great tip. I totally agree that it makes all the difference. I love to take pics (but don't know much about it) and I always tell people that the main thing that makes my pictures good is that I'm willing to lay on the ground to get them.

Amanda said...

I agree and always mean to do this more often. Beautiful pics!

Melissa said...

I definitely love the "low as you can" one better. And thanks for the reminder. I"m always trying to remember to bend down or kneel or something to be more at their level.

Thanks for linking up with Thursday Tips!! I hope you'll participate again. :)