Sunday, February 28, 2010

friendships with women

true friendship is a privelege, and one not to be taken lightly.  especially woman-friendships... they're tricky, and easy to mess up.  royally.  trust me, i've had my share of broken-heart-friendship moments, and if you're a sistah reading this, i am sure you know just what i mean.

there's something that happens with woman-friends that either builds you as a person or tears you down.  i've been so challenged over the years to work to make sure those friends i commit time to are both building into my family and life-goals, and being built up by my friendship.  sometimes i see God-moments in that, and others i put my head on my pillow at night and wrestle with the knowledge that a conversation just wasn't right, or an issue was left unresolved.

as we've cycled through the seasons, i've often found that there just isn't time to devote to relationships that don't edify, and i have to let that be okay.  nonetheless, it's hard to pull back and not feel left out when others seem to go on just fine without you!  (and if you are a blogger, you may notice that bloggy-world feeds that, huh?  ahh, thoughts for another post...)

i thoroughly and completely soak up the times that it's just working, though... friendship moments and seasons that flow freely, when you sense that both "girls" are benefitting equally from knowing each other.  one such friendship i really value is with the amazing bren.  i am awed by her sensitivity, her passion for life, her security in who she is.  i want to encourage her however i can on her journey of being the woman God created her to be... and i sense that from her, for me.  as i've said to others, i appreciate her for who she is, but i don't wanna be her.  i get the same from her.  and that's vital.

at first our friendship began because of similarities.  we have five kids each.  we use the same curriculum.  we have similar passions for art, and books, and Jesus.  as i got to know her, though, i realized we have so many differences. sometimes that doesn't work well, but in this case, it added richness to our acquaintance.

we can go for weeks without really hanging, and it's okay.  but we can spend hours together and feel refreshed, too.  she's just one of the women God's brought into my life who are a gift.

anywho, i thought i'd pour out all that mush because

one: women friendships have been on my heart and,

two: today i wanted to feature some of her handiwork.  she's built quite a following with her informative helps on the uber-helpful website curriculum choice.  she is connecting women in the homeschool community through the fabulous our lifestyle of learning.  and she shares from her heart in her personal blog, the tie that binds us.  and because this week, brenda's featuring one of my photo tips on her blog.  so check her out, and maybe add a couple new women friends along the way!

if you've had some God-moments in your friendships with women, i'd love to read and share.  leave a comment below or email me at  hugs!

p.s. - she would KILL me for writing this so shhhhh... don't tell her!


Brenda @ Tie That Binds Us said...

you are a stinker! you are right, I would have never allowed you to write this.

but since you did... thank you.
thank you for being real. thank you for vowing to always be real with me. I love you sister!

Gingerbread Mommy said...