Saturday, February 20, 2010


so often He says, "inhale.  blow out all the yuck - the doubt, the self-hate, the criticism of others, and breathe in ME."

the day comes and i rush through and it ends and begins again and i am out of breath and Papa calls softly, "rest."

i do stuff and i make stuff and i write stuff and i even yell stuff, and Papa says,

"stuff doesn't matter.  I matter.  come be with me."

sometimes i move and i shake and i make noise and i flutter about and i work to make a splash in my little pond and then when it gets quiet i hear my Papa say,
"little one... shhhh... come dance.
lose yourself in the breeze and the warmth -
dance with me."

there's movement that is aimless and wreckless and not in a way that is restful

there is movement that is joy-filled
and achingly satisfying

and then i am restless and instead of throwing up my arms and soaking in the Sun
i frantically search around me for ways to fill my hungry heart
and He whispers,

"come.  be with me and be filled by me
and consumed by me,"
and at last
my stubborn heart


and once again i hear the rhythm of His heart
and i partake of Him
and somehow
i am filled.


Christa said...

Beautiful, Angela! Thank you.

Megan said...


Such a beautiful post.... I found myself soaking in the Father. Thank you for that experience.

So glad you stopped my my blog! Please, come back and visit regularly! I'd love to have you! ......And don't forget ~ you can ALWAYS wear a "Clean underwear hat" when you visit.

Many blessings to you & yours..

Brenda @ Tie That Binds Us said...

I love this.

dee knox said...

Angela, have you ever thought about doing a devotional with your photos and your "Papa" thoughts? You have a real insight into this journey we are on with our Jesus and a real down to earth approach to your relationship with Him. Just a thought!
Dee Knox, momma to soon to be bride Nicole Knox.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you express your heart in writing Angela. This was beautiful.