Tuesday, September 7, 2010

fried peach pies {to make up for any healthy eating}

when we had our "state of the union" meeting a few weeks ago, we talked about how we always said we wanted to be "that house" where the kids hang out.  we don't believe for one second that it's normal and necessary for kids to hate their families and need to find completely independent social lives away from home (exclusively), and we realized, that time has come - if we want our kids to love home and bring their friends, we need to get more proactive about building friendships that support our family's value system... and are FUN!

thus, family nights.  we're going to try to make taco night more of a social event, inviting a family at a time (or two... call us if you're lonely!) for some quality time together.  this evening, we invited ourselves to our friends the w's.  we started with a variation of taco night - layered bean dip, homemade salsa, jordyn's roasted chickpeas (our version with cumin, coriander, garlic, chili powder, and sea salt), and sangria, of course.

julie's always good for some fabulous home-made fare, and i'd been craving my grandma's fried peach pies; it just so happens julie had a boat-load of peaches waiting more use (after she'd canned and jammed and all kinds of other good stuff, i'm pretty sure.)  thank you, w. girls, for laboring over these beauties before we even arrived!  on thinking about it, why didn't we all just grab spoons?!

julie's dough made for adventuresome times with kids and rolling pins.  and crazy dads!

i'll spare you the gory details of how we prepared these babies (i did say fried peach pies, didn't i?  read that again, only say it with a south tennessee accent!  now you can almost taste their hot, sugary goodness, can't you?!  so much for the "less white flour" mission... at least for one night.)  suffice it to say, they were mouth-wateringly, sweetly amazing.  'nuff said.

thank you, w. family, for a fun night!


Christa said...

Psssst, Angela! I've given you a Lovely Blog Award! To accept it, go to my blog, http://shapesofangels.blogspot.com/2010/09/whatever-is-lovely.html and read the instructions.

I love your blog! :-)

Gingerbread Mommy said...

Mmmm, grandma's fried pies... I need that recipe! And, on the topic of your reason for family nights, I agree with ya'll. (said with a non-native KY accent!)
Love ya.