Saturday, November 13, 2010

halloween (which is REALLY reformation day...)

i've shared before what prompted our family to dive into the halloween tradition.  it isn't that we love it so much (and i'm astounded every year by the way grownups with no kids around get so into it!), but that were convicted a few years ago that we would leave our home on the one night when all our neighbors were guaranteed to visit.  we don't generally get to share the gospel, but we build relationship, and it makes my heart glad.  and it's a time when we totally let go and say "have at it!" for as much candy as they feel like... uggh!  :)

some might say they're too old, but we wanted to let them be kids as long as they can.  the four oldest sewed their own costumes from patterns they found online for a dumb cartoon they all like.  :)

we did meet one family while trick-or-treating who said, "we call it reformation day..." which led to a sweet moment of fellowship.  in discussing it with our oldest, he said, "mom, did you notice we never say 'happy halloween,' but rather, 'merry Christmas' or something like that?"

How about you - what do you do at this time of year?  Hide out, reach out, or just hang out and let it all ride on by?

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