Sunday, September 12, 2010

Strong Women, Surrendered Hearts {Online Women's Ministry!}

Last year I had the opportunity to get to know Mary, a fellow Jesus-sister and homeschool mom.  Mary is passionate about helping women find their God-given strengths and living in them to God's glory.  It was a really cool honor to photograph a group of women she was close to in preparation for "a little project" she felt God calling her to.  Today, I share a few of these images with you again and invite you to visit "Strong Women, Surrendered Hearts", an online ministry that I think will have an amazing impact in the lives of women!  In addition, I should tell you that Mary is offering a contest to win a free year's membership, so don't snooze - check it out right away!

It is such a dear privelege to see the fulfillment of months and even years of God's preparation of one woman's heart... a vision come to life that has become a passion of many others'. 

...what a privelege to spend an afternoon with such beautiful women who encourage and challenge one another, and who have a desire to do this for other women on an even larger scale... through strengths finding and Bible Study and accountability and more!

...what a privelege to meet women who have loved God deeply, who have conquered difficulties in His strength, and who desire to share His encouragement with others.

Now what are you waiting for?  :)  Go see here:


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Lil' Momma said...

I never new you had another blog. I follow your Loving Legacy Photography. I am glad Christa posted you w/ the lovely blog award. :^) Now I can follow this blog too.