Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the wiggles.

my sweetie e. got to spend an afternoon "shakin his hips with wags" and groovin' along with the wiggles, compliments of our buddies the w. girls. oh, my, is he a lucky man, because in addition to the company of two beautiful young women of God and their cousins, etc..., they were chaperoned by momma w., who actually (sorry, girl, forgive me for letting out "our" secret) gets teary-eyed at their concerts like me! yes, that's right, the wiggles have a special place in her heart... in fact, i'm quite sure if they'd asked her to join the crew, she'd have left our kids for the rest of the family to care for in a heartbeat. thanks, girls!

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Andrea said...

Not only would I have joined them on stage at this concert, but I would also go on tour tour as a "wiggly dancer" (with the girls in tow, of course). And I might be doing that next year! I'm planning on getting front row tickets and I just know they'll see my potential from the twinkle in my eye and make me an offer! I can't wait! With LOVED having Ethan with us! It is a blessing to have him around! Thanks for sharing one of your little treasures!